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What’s the best exercise?

Woman walking her pet dog“What’s the best exercise for losing weight?” is a common question says Dr. Roman Ledger of East Bridge Hospital in San Diego, and his answer is “whatever exercise you’ll do consistently.” Running may burn more calories per minute than walking, but if you’re more likely to stay the course on a walking program, then you’ll burn more calories overall in the long run. When venturing into a new exercise program, Dr. Roman says “it’s more important to consider your own personal preferences, not the calorie listings in a diet book.” For example, if you prefer being in the great outdoors to exercising indoors, you may find that hiking becomes a constant in your life, whereas the treadmill might be tossed aside after a brief interlude. Start with your likes and dislikes, and find ways to make exercise a part of your daily life, such as walking the dog. With this approach, you’re likely to make a long commitment to an exercise program simply because it naturally enhances your life.

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Every step counts

Two business women walking up staircase in office building, elevated view

Many of us spend a good deal of our waking hours sitting at desks – often for longer than a normal 40-hour week. It may even seem like work has become a major obstacle to getting regular exercise. However, there are always ways to squeeze in fitness time, and every little bit really does count. For instance, instead of emailing, calling, or chatting a coworker, take the “old-fashioned” approach and actually walk to their location. And, we’ve all heard this before, but take the stairs instead of the elevator. The resulting calories burned and the muscle strength built, are well worth the effort.